Semrush Acquires Backlinko: Brian Dean, The Founder of Announced

Semrush has bought Backlinko.

Semrush has acquired, one of the top blogs for learning digital marketing strategies. Brian Dean, the founder of Baclinko, revealed the news.

Semrush Acquires Backlinko.

Backlinko was launched in 2012 by blogger Brian Dean. It has developed to become one of the most popular blogs for anyone interested in learning about digital marketing, mainly SEO and link building.

Brian Dean stated on Twitter on January 20, 2022, that Backlinko had been bought by Semrush ( SEO website auditing and keyword research company). The purchase price was not immediately disclosed.

Brian claims that he got an email from Max Roslyakov, Semrush’s SVP of marketing, expressing interest in acquiring Backlinko.

Despite having previously rejected takeover bids from other firms, Backlinko agreed to a transaction with Semrush since it was the ideal partner.

Brian Dean will continue to work with Backlinko on a part-time basis for the foreseeable future as part of the contract with Semrush.

Backlinko has long been one of the top places for in-depth information regarding search engine optimization.

Semrush issued a statement about its acquisition of Backlinko and that it will be offering the most complete digital marketing and SEO training tools.

Semrush’s mission to inspire both the current and next generation of digital marketers prompted the desire to acquire Backlinko. Not only do today’s marketers want the highest-quality tools, they also require best-in-class training from industry experts and professionals.

“Brian Dean is well regarded as a leader in the field of digital marketing, and we are happy to welcome him and his team to the Semrush family.

We now provide one of the most complete digital marketing and SEO training tools on the web, in conjunction with our own Semrush Academy “Semrush’s Chief Marketing Officer, Andrew Warden, stated.

“Digital marketing knowledge continues to be in great demand across practically every industry, and we know our clients are continually on the lookout for a high-quality education to upgrade their skills.

We are a firm built by marketers for marketers, and we aim to assist individuals in our community in becoming the greatest digital marketers possible.”

Brian Dean, the inventor of Backlinko, and his colleagues will join Semrush to continue growing the Semrush community by generating and curating unique content for the Semrush Academy.

“We are pleased to be a part of Semrush. Digital marketing and SEO are more critical than ever to a business’s success “Brian Dean, the creator of Backlinko stated.

“Semrush is one of the first resources digital marketers consult when embarking on their marketing journey, and our combined efforts and learning library provide millions of marketers with the chance to learn from the industry’s finest.”

Semrush’s ambitious aims include developing a customized and comprehensive online, self-service training platform that will establish the worldwide standard for digital marketing education. The purchase of Backlinko is a component of the whole journey.

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